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Company ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. has been involved in Time, Attendance And Access Control for pedestrians and vehicles, Hotel locks, Automation, Security and ID Card printing and personalization since 1996th providing total solutions (hardware, software development & implementation) to the our Customers.


Our goal is the use of most modern access control and IT technologies to provide the business competitive edge. The general approach at ASPEKT System Integration d.o.o. company is to spend time establishing both, a close working relationship and detailed understanding of the Client's business and his objectives. All in order, we to propose and our customer to get system, or solution which fit the best to his requirements, and to pay for it, exactly it is worth. We are located in Belgrade down town, in our own business facilities. We believe that our [ REFERENCES ] tell much more about us.

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Nothing is permanent, except change! Heraclites 480bc.

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6. IR Barriers - perimeter up to 150m [ download ]
7. Automatske tus kabine - Kontrola pristupa - evidencija - Naplata [ download ]

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