Time and Attendance, for pedestians and vehicles


We do Time, Attendance And Access Control Systems, for pedestrians and vehicles since 1996th. We have done many small, middle and most complex projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Libya. According to our evidence that number is over 500. Please visit [ REFERENCES ] section.

For vehicles

Vehicle access control equipment in general. Traffic barriers, road blockers, bollards and accessories.

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For pedestrians

Security entrance lanes, Tripod turnstiles, Full-height Turnstiles, swing gates, security doors and accessories.

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Time And Attendance

Access control, Time And Attendance systems. Ticketing systems, etc,

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Cards, tags, labels

RFID, Mag. stripe, chip, UHF, ...

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Our systems, sub-systems, products

In general, all we do (produce) in area of access control for pedestians and vehicles we do

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Our software

Applications (software) we have developed, we install, integrate with third party systems, we do maintenance. .

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Electrical strikes, drop bolts,...

Electrical strikes, drop bolts, magnetic locks, door closers, and much more